iBert Child Bike Seat - Safe Family Biking

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In addition to the ever-popular bright green, the iBert safe-T-seat is now available in a bright pink.

The iBert safe-T-seat is Australias market leader in the world of bicycle seat child safety.

The iBert safe-T-seat provides families with exactly what they are looking for in a childrens bike seat; comfort, safety, an attractive and innovative design, and a good position where the child can fully appreciate and explore the scenery. Nestled safely between the adult’s arms and behind the protection of the bicycle handlebars, the child can look around and be involved with the ride with mom or dad by turning the padded steering wheel. The T-bar design assembly allows the iBert safe-T-seat is as far forward as possible whilst ensuring maximum child safety and essential balance.

The iBert Child Bike Seat Was Born

Undaunted by the idea of coming up with their own design, a mother and father spent six years designing and testing a front-mounted bike seat. The result was well worth the wait and the ibert remains a leader in design and function.

Feel free to check out the specification of our new child bike seat as well as our gallery and reviews page.

You'll love the experience of riding and interacting with your family with the new iBert child safety seat!...Don't delay, order one today.